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Hog Island Skiff

The multipurpose Hog Island Skiff is used to pole and sight fish  in skinny water for Carp at Hillsdale and Clinton.

It can also be used  to fish as a drift boat on Taneycomo. 

MAKO Pro Skiff 19

Mako Pro Guide

The Mako is resident at Taneycomo to fish for trout in all water (i.e.CFS) it throws at us. It's  wide and 

stable platform is ideal for drifting indicators or throwing streamers

Towee Calusa

Towee Calusa

We fish the Towee at Clinton chasing warm water species along with sigh fishing for Carp. Don't let's is size fool you,

it provides a very stable casting platform. Also has a removable rowing station that allows it to fish like a drift boat.

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